The June 30, 2017, Jazzit Fundamentals update has been released and is available for download

Jazzit Administrators can find the latest release notes and downloads on our support site at: http://www.jazzitsupport.com/


Welcome to the June 30, 2017 Jazzit Fundamentals update release notes.

  • context sensitive online help,
  • a new nine column note to the financial statements, and
  • improved settings areas in the financial statements.

You can access the online Jazzit Fundamentals help guide through one of the following methods:


  • Browser: Go to documentation.jazzit.com.

  • Home Menu: Click on the Jazzit icon and select Jazzit Fundamentals help guide from the drop-down menu.

  • Individual statements, notes and schedules: The help file is designed to be context sensitive. Click on the icon button in the section to view Jazzit Fundamentals Help Guide.

  • Individual policies: Right-click on the icon and select Help with this policy.
Plus many more features and enhancements in this update.
Remember that Jazzit Fundamental updates are cumulative! Updating to this release will include all features and functionality from prior releases, together with any corrections made to the templates.
View the full list of new features and functionality

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