CaseWare made Easy!

Jazzit-Logo-Accountants-TemplatesIn your firm, manual processes and programming your own templates are often unproductive and can reduce efficiencies, client satisfaction and profitability. Free yourself and your staff from repetitive, time-consuming tasks that our Jazzit Templates take care of so you can focus on more critical tasks and services that generate value for both your clients and your firm.

The Jazzit Suite includes 3 products that contain integrated templates for CaseWare Working Papers: Jazzit Fundamentals, Jazzit Checklists and Jazzit SCORE, creating a powerful suite of automated solutions for small and medium sized practitioners. Jazzit Fundamentals, the flagship product, is an integrated suite of hundreds of templates that assists public accountants in completing year-end engagements with their corporate clients.

All of our products take full advantage of the CaseWare programming, enabling strong integration and consistency, all based on over 15 years of experience and customer feedback to create the most comprehensive collection of templates available for CaseWare Working Papers.

Here are the ten challenges facing accountants today, which are probably VERY familiar to you! The benefits in the table are based on our Customer Survey.


Top 10 challenges facing AccountantsWhat Jazzit gives youHow we do it
  1. Keeping current with standards and technology
  2. Maintaining firm standards and consistency
  3. Finding time and resources
On average, Jazzit firms save 66% maintenance time annually vs. time spent updating and programming their own templates. We do all the changes and update your templates which you manage through the Jazzit Resource Centre.
  1. Retaining clients
  2. Improving quality control
Firms using Jazzit see an average 54% increase in their clients satisfaction. Jazzit templates provide your clients with consistent and high quality output with less mistakes.
  1. Maintaining a work / personal life balance
  2. Increasing profitability
On average, Jazzit firms are 60% MORE efficient per client engagement vs. their previous solution. Features like roll forward, integration, diagnostics and updating notes increases efficiencies allowing you more time to spend focusing on the things that really improve your business and life. What will YOU do with that extra time?
  1. Retaining and hiring qualified staff
  2. Meeting and enhancing client services
  3. Balancing volume of work throughout the year
Firms using Jazzit saw a 71% increase in employee satisfaction. Staff spend more time with clients and doing value-added work they like; this allows your firm to broaden your revenue opportunities with more services all year long.

The Jazzit Suite

Our suite includes Jazzit Fundamentals, Jazzit Checklists and Jazzit SCORE, creating a powerful automated solution for small and medium sized practitioners. To view our Jazzit video and gain a better understanding of the benefits we can offer your firm please click the following link: Jazzit Video.


Jazzit Fundamentals, our flagship product, is a deeply integrated and flexible template collection of Financial Statements for various entity structures with up to 20 integrated schedules and more than 100 working paper and letter templates to automate year-end engagements with your corporate clients.


Jazzit Checklists are powerful templates with licensed content from CPA PEG that, along with the Jazzit document management tools, help practitioners perform efficient, cost-effective compilation, review and audit engagements. Templates update from the Jazzit Checklist Resource Centre.

Jazzit-Logo-Score-TemplatesJazzit SCORE is a reporting tool that automatically creates a comprehensive 32 page financial report analyzing the health of your client's business. Drawing on the trial balance information already entered, it includes ratio analysis, trend analysis, comparative industry and custom defined benchmarks with insightful commentary.

  "Using Jazzit has made preparing financials for our clients easier to maintain and update our clients' records over time. The quality of programming that goes into Jazzit helps us put out a nice, clean set of financials for our clients.“ 

- Ken Phernambucq, C.A., Winnipeg Manitoba


The Jazzit Resource Centre (JRC)

At the heart of Jazzit's flexibility is the Jazzit Resource Centre. By managing the templates in a centralized Resource Centre (typically located on your server) you are able to make changes to individual templates within the Jazzit suite.  You will now have those changes available for all your client engagements.

When you open any Jazzit working paper or letter, you will see at the top of the document the version currently in the client file and the most recent version available in the Resource Centre.  You will have complete control as to whether or not this specific document is to be updated.

In the Jazzit financial statements, every statement page, note and accounting policy is individually date stamped in the Resource Centre.  You are able to control which statement pages, notes and policies you wish to update from the Resource Centre.

Users are automatically notified when a update is available in the Jazzit Resource Centre. This is shown on the diagnostic bar at the top of the Jazzit working paper or letter and within the home menu of the financial statement.


Jazzit Administrators have a tool within their Resource Centre which manages updates by reporting the version of all the modules within the Resource Centre and providing a button to download the updates from the Jazzit website. This Resource Centre update tool identifies exactly which modules have updates available. Resource Centre modules can be updated to the latest version with a click of a button. Once the Resource Centre has been updated, preparers are automatically notified of updates as they open Jazzit templates within the client engagements.


  "Greatest Advantage of Jazzit is that it keeps our financial statements uniform, and the notes are easy to access. All the handbook updates and software programming is automatically updated.“ 

- Chad Knippel, C.A., Edmonton Alberta


Why do Accountants' Offices rely on Jazzit?


Accountants stay current.


Patented Update Notification


When you open a Jazzit template it automatically compares itself to the newest version in the Resource Centre (a central library) and notifies you when a update is available.

Each template includes a green strip at the top indicating the version that is currently in the client file and the version in the Resource Centre. You no longer have to guess if your template is up to date.


Accountants automate workflow which increases speed of preparation and decreases errors.




Working papers share key information with the financial statements, notes and other working papers dramatically reducing data entry and transfer errors.

For example, the Jazzit long term debt working paper shares the lender, rate, payment, collateral and loan balance with the long term debt note in the Jazzit financial statement template.


Consistency and continuity with clients financial reports and letters from year to year is very easy.


Roll Forward


Data automatically moves to appropriate columns when a year-end close is completed in CaseWare.

For example, the property plant, and equipment working paper moves the ending amounts to the opening column and clears out the additions and disposal columns on roll forward.


Increase quality of your service to clients; find and correct errors as they are made.


Built in Diagnostics


Increases file accuracy. Errors can be caught before they are sent to the reviewer.

Our diagnostics notify the preparer if an amount on the working paper does not agree to the balance in the CaseWare trial balance. This eliminates the back and forth between preparer and reviewer to correct this type of error.


* Dr. Bob Hayes, Ph.D. 3rd party Customer and Industry Competitive Survey, Fall, 2011