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Pricing and popular product options

The cost for both the initial purchase and for support after the first year is calculated by the number of licensed Jazzit users in your firm (staff who prepare or review files). 

Please note that at initial purchase of Jazzit, you are purchasing licenses to use the product indefinitely for that number of licenses. It is not like your T2 program where you purchase licenses year after year due to mandatory government changes.

With the initial purchase of licenses comes one year of FREE Online Resources which gives you revisions/updates to the package. You also get 30 days of unlimited Help Desk FREE of charge to help you get started. We do recommend purchasing Help Desk for the first year as this is when you will be rolling your files into Jazzit for the first time. If purchased in the first 30 days, the cost is $375.

We also offer Personalization Services for purchasing letterhead (LH) insertion and electronic signatures customized for your firm. These are extremely popular given the trend toward a paperless environment. Many clients at the very least send out the engagement letter by email if they have the letterhead and electronic signatures options. Most save a tremendous amount in pre-printed LH costs as they print out most documents from CaseView onto plain white paper. The LH switch allows you to turn off the LH if you want to use pre-printed LH instead. These options can be added on at any time in the future (when they are ordered).

Ongoing support fees are also calculated by the number of users. There are two options: Online Resources provides access to revisions to the package as they are posted to our website or Total Bundle which includes the Help Desk in addition to Online Resources access for the year.

Over 75% of our clients choose Total Bundle because sometimes it isn't clear if the issue is a CaseWare problem, Jazzit question, or accounting question. Since Jazzit pulls so much information from the CaseWare database many issues are related to the file setup in CaseWare.


What training or online resources are available to help me get started with Jazzit?

We have a number of videos on our website for your staff to view:

  • Have a look at our Getting Started area for videos and basic tutorials.
  • View a number of bulletins and videos to help you with various aspects of your Jazzit experience.
  • Visit our YouTube Channel and subscribe to be notified when new videos are posted.

We also offer educational training webinars throughout the year.

Of course you have the free 30 days of Help Desk for getting started, which we really want you to use.

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